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Topic: svManager problems

recently i've purchased a PRO BUNDLE
i have several problems/ questions

simpleviewer pro:

when using workflow you're  suggesting here:

after upload on web some changes done in svBuilder are present like:
frame color+thickness, thumbnails position + buttons - go fullscreen + open image

these are missing : 

caption+title fontstyle (shows arial instead of courier )
autoplay button, download button not present in button bar

what may be the problem here ?

svManager generates link to simpleviewer, autoviewer  etc. in galleries
how can i disable this link?

svBuilder generates "gallery.xml" which starts with all possible settings :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<simpleviewerGallery maxImageWidth="800"

are these somehow stored in "preferences.txt" generated by svManager ??

where can i find some info about this "preferences.txt"  - like syntax, possible options etc?

thank you for your time

Re: svManager problems

It looks like svManager is using the Standard version of SimpleViewer, not the Pro version.

SvManager keeps a master copy of SimpleViewer in the folder svmanager/plugins/simpleviewer2/sv2master/svcore/

This master version is copied into all new galleries.

Try replacing the whole of this svcore folder with the svcore folder from the SimpleViewer Pro install. Also replace the svcore folder in your existing galleries with the Pro version.

Try this first and then come back to the forum if you are still having problems.

Also, this information might help – svManager does not store settings in the gallery.xml file if they are the same as the default settings. When the settings are changed from the defaults, then svManager will store them in the gallery.xml file.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.