Topic: Title color problem


I am running SimpleViewer 2.1.3 and it seems I have a problem with the title colour when previewed with iPad.

The title is always displayed in white in HTML5 mode. It seems that the colour defined in the xml file is not taken into account. Here is my gallery xml file:


I tried different options for the colour - using # and 0x but it does not change anything.

Is there any way to change the title colour? I can live with the white but it becomes an issue when the background is also white ;)

Thank you

Re: Title color problem

Use HTML formatting as described here: … l#custom_2
For example, for the word 'gallery' to be displayed as the title in black, use the following code in your gallery's XML file.

title="&lt;font color=&quot;#000000&quot;&gt;gallery&lt;/font&gt;"
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Title color problem

Steven Speirs wrote:

Use HTML formatting

Thank you! It works.