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Topic: Tiltviewer and Joomla

How can I add a description for each image displayed? (I am using Ozio gallery module)



Re: Tiltviewer and Joomla

A title and description for each image can be added by editing the gallery's XML file in a plain text editor and using the <title> and <description> tags.
A sample XML file with a single image with both a title and description would look something like this:

        <photo imageurl="images/image1.jpg" linkurl="http://www.example.com">
            <title>Image 1</title>
            <description>This is a regular text description.</description>

The Ozio gallery module was not written by ourselves and I am not familiar with the interface so I do not know if it is possible to enter a title and/or description for each image without editing the resulting XML file.
Perhaps searching or posting in the Ozio forum would help further: http://forum.joomla.it/index.php/board,73.0.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team