Topic: svBuilder resizes to wrong size?!

In svBuilder (simpleviewer 2.1.3) I have set the max image size to 480 x 480 pixels. However, some of the images are resized to a max size of 481 pixels. As the xml setting for the flash is still 480 pixels, the mismatch in size obviously causes another rescale on the fly in the flash, trying to scale down to max allowed size there. This gives a fuzzy picture... Obviously, this is a problem in svBuilder.. Anyone seen this before?

rgrds, j

Re: svBuilder resizes to wrong size?!

I have heard of certain users experiencing that svBuilder creates thumbnails 1px too large resulting in thumbnails of 76px square when 75px was specified.
I have been unable to reproduce this phenomenon myself so far but it has already been logged as a bug and should hopefully be fixed in a future version.
It might be helpful if you could supply an original image which gets resized incorrectly.  Could you perhaps upload one somewhere for me to try? Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: svBuilder resizes to wrong size?!

If you need the main image to exactly match the specified dimensions, try setting Images -> 'Crop To Fit' to true.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.