Topic: How can I fetch images from other url?

I am using simpleviewer version 1.9 pro.

I want to know if I can fetch images from other websites (url starting with http://..)

My main goal is to fetch private images from Flickr,

Since the given implementation in simpleviewer  does not fetch private flickr images, (it only fetched public images)

As you know, this url thing does not have anything to do with relative/absolute url.

Using the separate php file, I will be able to get the urls of the private images. (php file to get list of images)

I tried something like

    <caption>flickr url</caption>

but it did not work.

How can I fetch private images from flickr??

Re: How can I fetch images from other url?

I really want to know how I can fetch private images from flickr

You can't. Flickr does not allow you to load private images via their API.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: How can I fetch images from other url?

It appears you can fetch private images from the Flickr API:

Now that I think about it, I have done this from Habari many times, as the Flickr authentication capability is built into the platform.

Habari appears to use the web authentication method.   Here's what happens in Habari:
When I attempt to access flickr the first time to browse images, I am redirected to a flickr login screen. Once I login, I have to authorize Habari to give it access. I don't need to authenticate again.

Perhaps this could be built into the simpleviewer administration panel.

Another Wordpress plugin, Simpleflickr, had some way of authenticating as well ( it's no longer maintained). I think it may have hard-coded the username and password

So it is possible.   I have no idea how much work it is to implement, but it would be a great new feature. I'd even pay for it.