Topic: Upgrading from SimpleViewer v1 to SimpleViewer v2

Hi Steven and Felix,

I've been using SimpleViewer for a number of years, and I'm hoping you can advise on how to upgrade my galleries from v1.8.5 / v1.9 to v2.1.3, or if this is even technically possible.

I'm technically inclined and customized most of the galleries I made with the earlier version, so am comfortable performing mass "Find and replace..." commands in BBEdit -- or ay other method -- whatever it takes.



Re: Upgrading from SimpleViewer v1 to SimpleViewer v2

You can upgrade a gallery from SimpleViewer v1.8.5 or v1.9 to the current version (v2.1.3) by opening the gallery folder in svBuilder, clicking on the 'Publish' tab and saving the gallery.
The full instructions for this method can be found in the 'Upgrading Existing Galleries to Version 2.1.3' section on this page: … grade.html

Before doing so, there are a few things to check in your gallery's XML file.
Open the XML file in a plain text editor and make sure that:
(1) the opening tag's name is <simpleviewergallery>
(2) the image filenames are enclosed in <filename> tags, not <name> tags (replace them if necessary)
(3) all tag names should be lowercase

Also, in order for svBuilder to open the gallery, the XML file should be named 'gallery.xml'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team