Topic: Background music in AutoViewer?

I've been seeing a lot of websites that have background music to their AutoViewer and AutoViewer Pro.

From my understanding there is no code offered here to play background music.

So what are your suggestions for the best way to have background music?

I have searched all over and found no solid results. :(

Here is an example:

Re: Background music in AutoViewer?

Try a web search with terms such as 'Flash MP3 Player'.
Once you have found one, you could embed it into the same page as your gallery.
One such solution might be Dewplayer (though this is just a suggestion rather than a recommendation as there are many other alternatives available). Dewplayer is under Creative Commons licence. The usage is totally free even for commercial purposes (but not reselling it). It comes with instructions and HTML sample code for embedding.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team