Topic: Offline Mode

Has anyone had any success (or tried) to get Simpleviewer to run in offline mode, such as on a mobile device?

I have been able to cache everything (js, css, jpg, etc) and get all of the files to play nice with each other and show up fine without running the SV javascript, but when I attempt to view the gallery in offline mode I receive the unable to view files offline. 

This is a long shot but wondering if anyone has ran into or at least tried to accomplish what I am.

Re: Offline Mode

Viewing a gallery in Firefox v6.0.2 or IE9 and then selecting 'Work Offline', I am still able to view and navigate through a cached gallery. I have not yet been able to do this with Mobile Safari on an iPod Touch.
However, this forum post may shed some light on the subject: … e-manifest

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team