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my pictures are not sorted by"date-posted-asc" as defined with svbuilder.
My gallery is constructed by flickr tag. The files sorting is not randomised since every time I re-load the images their order is always the same but I can't identify what's the criteria.... Is there a bug in SimpleViewer pro 2 or in SvBuilder pro? Is the posted date registered in flickr (as month/day/year and hour/min./sec) corectly read by SimpleViewer? Does SimpleViewer use the hour of posting?

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Re: sorting files using flickr

Perhaps the Flickr API search (as performed by SimpleViewer) does not take into account hours, minutes and seconds when sorting by date (eg. DATE-POSTED-ASC).
If you are unable to change the date posted for each image via the Flickr interface, try changing the date taken for each image and sort the images using DATE-TAKEN-ASC.
For reference, the 'Flickr Options' section of the 'SimpleViewer-Pro Config Options' page can be found here: … tml#flickr
Further information on changing the order of Flickr images can be found in these FAQs: … #general_5 … #general_6

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: sorting files using flickr

Actualy I just managed to sort my files properly: the selection of files by a flickr tag to build a galery did not allow the sorting of this files. Since I add an image set ID, everything runs properly.....
I didn't read that one must add this ID to obtain a proper sorting in your support text. It seems I'm not the only one, I hope this will help other users......

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