Topic: Possible to use different stageVAlign in full screen?

I'm wondering if its possible to set a different stageVAlign value in full screen mode vs. windowed mode.  I'd like it to be aligned to the top in windowed, but centered on the screen in full screen.  Perhaps through 'params' in the embed?  I just wasn't sure if there was a value for this.


Re: Possible to use different stageVAlign in full screen?

It is not possible to set different values for normal vs fullscreen modes by using the preconfigured options.
The only way to achieve this would be to have the gallery load different XML files (with different settings) in normal and fullscreen modes.
This can be done by embedding SimpleViewer-Pro into a container movie in Flash, adding an event listener to the FullScreenEvent.FULL_SCREEN event to call a function which will load a specific gallery depending on whether fullscreen mode is entered or exited.
A sample container movie .fla file can be found in the SimpleViewer Pro download package ('simpleviewer_pro_213\examples\flash_embed\simpleviewer_flash_embed.fla').
The relevant code for changing galleries on entering/exiting fullscreen mode can be found in this thread: … p?id=13209
For reference, the 'Embedding in Flash' section of the 'Embedding SimpleViewer-Pro' page can be found here: … html#flash

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team