Topic: Scrolling

I have added a footer and header in my page. However, no scrolling bar appears in browser so you cannot scroll down to even see the footer. The play button is partially off the bottom of the page too.

Also, there is too much blank space between the header and slideshow. How can I bring autoviewer up a little closer to the header?

Thanks - Rick

Re: Scrolling

OK I figured out my first question - how to unhide the scroll bar. In case anyone else runs into this, I deleted the line of CSS code
overflow: hidden
in the html page.

I was a bit afraid that would cause a ugly horizontal scroll bar to appear - but it did not. I haven't yet checked that in any browser except IE6 however....

My second question (how to bring Autoviewer up closer to the header) I haven't figured out yet. I considered that maybe I could reduce the stage size in Flash -- but that doesn't seem right. The .fla stage size is 800x400 and my photos are 400 px in height. So it seems something is still putting a 100 px or so buffer between the header and swf

If Felix or anyone else can help me with that - I'll appreciate it greatly!


Re: Scrolling

holy toledo, batman! I finally, many, many hours later, figured it out!

The answer for those who may be interested -

This was again CSS code that needed to be added. In the strip_example.html code I found this:

#flashcontent {
        width: 100%;
        height: 440px;        

Originally it was 400, I experimented a little with different numbers and found that 440 worked just right for my page.

I was just about ready to give up and go to bed.... but took a break, thought about it some more and knew there had to be a clue somewhere in the examples. Then after comparing the code in the different html files, I had my breakthrough.

Pretty satisfying! I now have my page exactly the way I want!

Thank you Felix for creating AutoPlayer!