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I bought PostCardViewer Pro a few months ago and I received the invoice in dollars and in english. The fact is that I live in Spain and I need, in order to pay my taxes, to present invoices in euros and in spanish... How can I obtain the same invoice with these 2 changes ?
thanks in advance.

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Re: Invoice in euros and in spanish

Can anyone give some clarification of Kate's problem because I'd really like to know myself. I never purchased SimpleViewer, but I too received an invoice that was written outside of the language/currency that I want. I too live in Spain (former resident of the United States) and need my invoices to reflect that. Do I simply contact the company involved or can I simply explain this to who ever handles taxes and let them do the conversions? Maybe I can have the accountant that handles payroll take care of this task. I would think they'd have that type of knowledge. What do you folks think?

Re: Invoice in euros and in spanish

The product (PostcardViewer-Pro) is priced in $US and, therefore, the invoice is in $US.
If you need to know what the purchase price converted to in Euros (or another currency) on the date on which you bought the product, you can find out using the Historical Rate Tables at

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team