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Topic: hover control

I'm looking for clarification on hover behavior options.  I have these settings under the thumbnail tab:

Change caption on hover     UNCHECKED
Change main image on hover CHECKED

I would like the image to change on hover, but only have the caption change when a thumbnail is clicked.  Is this possible or am I missing something?

P.S. In fiddling with it, I can get image AND caption to change on hover, or just the caption, but not just the image.


Re: hover control

This certainly looks like a bug and I have logged a bug report.
It would not be expected that the caption should change when changeCaptionOnHover="FALSE" (even if changeImageOnHover="TRUE").
Thank you for reporting.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: hover control

Thanks Steven.
In case you're looking for new features, it might also be nice [when using hover navigation] to basically 'anchor' the main image & its caption to whatever thumbnail was last clicked on.  It would help for if there was a link in the caption; otherwise you sometimes can't get to the link in the caption without hitting another thumbnail along the way : P

(the workaround, presently, is to use the arrow keys for thumbnail navigation, but people might not pick up on that right away)