Topic: Your favourite photoshop preference for images & thumbs.

Good Morning,
Resizing images for me seems to take the most time. I never really know what's the "best" option to choose. For example, I want the best quality to be viewed on the browser, but i also want a fast loading time. So, I was wondering what you guys (here in this forum) prefer when coming to this situation.

My digital camera's default size right now is:
2592x1944 (180 dpi)

For SimpleViewer to run efficiently on the browser, I chose to use the following settings:

Resized to:

"images":   467x350 (72 dpi)
"thumbs":   75x56 (72 dpi)

What's the best setting i should use? Any recommendations?

SimpleViewer Example Pic Settings are:

"images":   480x360 (72 dpi)
"thumbs":   87x65 (72 dpi)

Re: Your favourite photoshop preference for images & thumbs.

I mostly use

"images": 500x375, 500 max ht or width(72 dpi)  med to high quality
"thumbs": 75x75 (72 dpi) low quality
large  - linked from caption 1024 x 768  highest quality

It seems to vary quite a bit by user. If you know your viewer is on broadband or your viewer is patient, like a wedding shoot, go for the high quality , large sizes. If your viewers are on dial up, keep your thumbs light as possible as well as your first image.

It will be interesting to see what people are using,


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Re: Your favourite photoshop preference for images & thumbs.

Thanks for sharing Richard! This is some good stuff, everyone else, keep them coming. Richard is right, it would be interesting seeing what others prefer. keep posting!