Topic: main images not showing on iphone/ipad.... any advice??

Hi I'm using Simpleviewer Pro v.2 and have built a couple of galleries now.
They work beautifully in PC & Mac browsers but when I view them on iPhone & iPad, I just get the HTML5 thumb galleries. When I click on these thumbs, I get a blank screen????
I'm sure it's just a quick fix but as I'm new to SV, I don't know where to start looking and would really appreciate any help.

You can view the galleries here: … k-Pix.html … e-pix.html


Re: main images not showing on iphone/ipad.... any advice??

I am not sure what is causing your Mobile Player SimpleViewer gallery to disappear as soon as you click a thumbnail but some trial and error may be required to find the cause.
Try stripping back your page bit by bit (removing calls to JavaScript and CSS files) until your gallery works OK and you find the cause.
The galleries both work fine on their own when visiting the following URLs: … index.html … index.html
... so I suspect there is something on the HTML pages into which the galleries are being embedded that is the root of the problem.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team