Topic: One Image Fails

I can't understand why, but my tiltviewer gallery has lost a photo! Image #4 on the first page (of 9) and again on the second page, the same photo just will not appear.
You can see it here:
The gallery works fine on my computer, using local files, I can not explain why online it doesn't work.
Please help, I'm the laughing stock at work right now because I can't fix this.

Re: One Image Fails

Your web server is case sensitive and your 4th image has an uppercase file extension .JPG rather than the lowercase .jpg.
Either change the filename from 'img4.JPG' to 'img.jpg' or change the reference in the gallery's XML file from:

<photo imageurl="imgs/img4.jpg" linkurl="movie.swf">

... to:

<photo imageurl="imgs/img4.JPG" linkurl="movie.swf">
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: One Image Fails

Perfect, thanks so much Steven, much appreciated :lol: