Topic: No thumbnails when flash is off


I am using simple viewer for my Website.
When the flash is off, i can see my pictures perfectly. But i have an intermediary page with the thumbnails of all the pictures of my gallery, and i have to click one of them before viewer my pictures (in large).
Is it possible for me to delete those thumbails and acess directly the large view of my images ?

Thanks a lot for your helps,


Re: No thumbnails when flash is off

Yes. Set mobileShowThumbs="FALSE" in your gallery's XML file in order for the gallery to disable the thumbnails and initially display the first image in the gallery.
Additionally, you can choose which image to by displayed initially by using the firstImageIndex option.
Please see these sections of the S'impleViewer-Pro Config Options' page for details: … tml#mobile … ml#general

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team