Topic: Top to bottom image direction in autoviewer

Is there any way to change the direction of images in Autoviewer so that it displays the images top to bottom in a column, instead of left to right in a row?  Thank you!

Re: Top to bottom image direction in autoviewer

This is not possible with the preconfigured options.
AutoViewer-Pro does come with modifiable source code. However, such a fundamental change to the functionality of the viewer would require a great deal of work (if not quite a complete re-write). You would also require Adobe Flash and a knowledge of ActionScript.
Please see the 'Customizing Source Code' section of the 'AutoViewer-Pro Support Home' page for details:

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Top to bottom image direction in autoviewer

Stephen - Thank you!  I do have the pro version and have been mucking around with the source files but haven't had success.  I saw that there was discussion of how to view thumbnails top to bottom in Simpleviewer and was hoping it was roughly the same for viewing the images in Autoviewer.  Dang... sounds like it isn't an easy/quick change.  I think I'll try a new design for the html page that works better with left to right viewing.  Thank you!  Andrew