Topic: simpleviewer gallery on on couple sites

Hi i need to do something like that , i 've got simpleviewer pro bought more than half year ago so , ive putted this onto my website everything works fine , but i need to recompose my website add more subpages , and here starts the problem : i need to add for now 1 or more subpages to my website , and on them it will be simpleviewer gallery , but the point is i need on every little bit diffrent subpage put diffrent images , so what i need to do , how to set up sv builder , or deeper i thinh gallery xml file is responsible for all rules , so what do i need to change to have i dont know if its possible almost evrything on diffrent folders or same folder for images for example and thumbinails too , what to do? with that ,

i still need this in the way that is now , so gallery done in flash , no using diffrent methods , especially that i paid for your product

PLEASE HELP AS QUICK AS IT IS POSSIBLE !!!!!!! (I am not that very much advanced user to do it alone , or does your software has some kind of restriction that i cannot change that , please answear it is very important for me)

with regards Mike

Re: simpleviewer gallery on on couple sites

If you would like to have several different galleries on your web site, the best course of action would be to keep each gallery separate in its own folder (as created by svBuilder-Pro).
You would then upload the complete gallery folders (not just the contents) to your web server and embed each gallery using one of the two methods described here: … l#external
The 'Embedding Multiple Galleries' section of the 'SimpleViewer Embedding Guide' may also be useful to you: … l#multiple

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team