Topic: updating existing gallery's to 2.3.0


I have about a 100 simple viewer gallery's made with older versions (non ios compatible) of simple viewer. The oldest ones are made with simple viewer stand alone app, the newer ones from within lightroom (2.1) and the latest made with ttg simple viewer pro 2.3.0.

Is there a way to quickly update all of my existing gallery's to 2.3.0 without rendering each album again?


Re: updating existing gallery's to 2.3.0

In order to support Universal Playback (which was introduced in v2.1) SimpleViewer changed from essentially being a single SWF file to a 'svcore' folder comprising HTML, CSS, JavaScript and SWF files. Consequently, the embedding code changed (and the format of the XML file also changed when SimpleViewer moved from v1.9 to v2.0).
It is therefore not possible to upgrade an older SimpleViewer gallery (prior to v2.1) to the current version by simply swapping the SWF file.
Perhaps the easiest method to upgrade an older gallery is to use svBuilder-Pro by following these instructions: … l#upgrade2
You would still need to change the embedding code if you have embedded the galleries in other HTML pages (rather than simply linking to the galleries from other HTML pages).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: updating existing gallery's to 2.3.0


thanks for your very quick reply!