Topic: multiple gallery levels

i already have a flash based gallery for my daughter. but you know it does not work with apple ipads.
so i decide to buy simpleviewer. looks really good and the builder-pro is simple and effectiv.
i just made the first steps. but it seems there is no possibility to make multiple galleries within other galleries.

there i have some galleries called 2007, 2008, 2009...and in this years you can find all the months with the pictures inside.
any possibility to get this too with simpleviewer?
at my try and errors until now i just find out i can make the multiple galleries (here the years) with all the pictures inside, but not sub-divided in months, for the better overview.
thanks for you support.

Re: multiple gallery levels

There are instructions on how to embed 'Multiple Galleries on Separate HTML Pages' here: … l#multiple
However, you would need to modify the downloadable examples and construct the web site manually.
An automated solution would be to use jAlbum and the SimpleViewer skin.
Install jAlbum first, then the skin. You will then be able to drag and drop an entire folder structure into jAlbum's main window and on clicking the 'Make album' button, a multi-gallery album will be created with a SimpleViewer gallery for each subfolder in your input structure. All the galleries will be accessible via a JavaScript navigation tree.

You can upgrade the skin from SimpleViewer-Standard (which it comes bundled with) to SimpleViewer-Pro by following the instructions here.
The skin also has its own support forum here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: multiple gallery levels

hello steven
thanks for the fast feedback.
have all done.
it works great as wished.
jAlbum is cool with the many skins.
but i prefer the simpleviewer skin (the minimal preset for example), but unfortunately its always only the default option available.
i replaced also the pro version ov the svcore folder.
but nothing helps.
any idea?

Re: multiple gallery levels

but unfortunately its always only the default option available

Once the skin has been chosen (and loaded), if you click on the 'Settings' button (or go to 'Album -> Settings...' from the application's drop down menu) you will find all the SimpleViewer-Standard option on the 'Viewers -> SimpleViewer' tab.

i replaced also the pro version ov the svcore folder.

Once you have replaced the Standard 'svcore' folder within the skin's files with the Pro svcore folder from the SimpleViewer-Pro download package ('simpleviewer_pro_230/web/svcore/') all albums created will then be SimpleViewer-Pro albums. You will then also be able to enter Pro Options into the Pro Options text area (on the skin's 'Viewers -> SimpleViewer -> Pro' tab) in the form:


but nothing helps.
Do the albums you have created after replacing the 'svcore' folder still have the SimpleViewer badge/link at the bottom right-hand corner of each gallery? If this badge is not present, then the galleries are Pro. If the badge is still there, then the galleries are still Standard and the 'svcore' folder has not been replaced successfully.
Make sure you have placed it in the correct location.
Go to 'Tools -> Open Directories -> Skin directory' (in jAlbum's drop-down menu), double-click the folder named 'select', then double-click the folder named 'simpleviewer' and then delete the existing 'svcore' folder and put the new one in its place.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team