Topic: SV Gallery embedded in Website

I have a gallery embedded in a normal HTML-Site ( … /index.htm). Is there a possiblity to use svManager like that, or do I have to create a gallery on a own site and get it into my website via iframe? Thank you for help.

Re: SV Gallery embedded in Website

It's best if you keep the galleries inside the svManager folder. Then the simple way to embed the gallery in another page is with an iframe.

If you don't want to use iframes then you can embed an external SimpleViewer gallery in your existing page. This is explained in the SimpleViewer support documents – Using an external gallery folder.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: SV Gallery embedded in Website

Thank you Jack, the idea with iframes came up sometimes ago, now you're telling the same: I will use it this way  :)