Topic: Cannot adjust height of Embedded TiltViewer

Hi guys and girls. I just purchased the Pro version in hopes this would resolve my problem, but sill the same....

I embedded TiltViewer on my page here: … page_id=60, everything works, except the height stays small. I can adjust the width no problem.

I using the xml.php method (pwa), since I need it linked to my picasa web album.

I've put "TiltViewer.swf", "xml.php", and "swfobject.js" in the root directory. Is there something that I'm missing? I'm also using CS-Cart, if that helps you in any way?

I hope someone can help me out on this one.


Re: Cannot adjust height of Embedded TiltViewer

Check the CSS heights of all parent containers of your TiltViewer gallery.
Your 'flashcontent' <div> looks to be nested inside approximately 8 other <div>s and the height of one of these may be restricting the height of your gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team