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I have created a gallery using Simple Viewer Pro 2.3 and it works fine.  I now want to add more imiages to the gallery.  I add these images via the simple viewer gallery and it previews fine.  I save the updated gallery to the sv gallery folder.  I then access my site via FTP and copy the new gallery files accross replacing those on the server with the new gallery.  Now, when I reload the website, the original gallery plays!  Ive checked the location and there is only one instance of the upload, so its not running the gallery from a different file.  Ive also deleted all the gallery files which stops the gallery from working.  I then re do the entire proceedure from scratch with a new gallery and it still refuses to run the new images i have added-it just plays the original pictures.  All the images are PNG's and seem to be all ok, but for some reason it just wont play the new additions.  Any ideas?

Thanks guys

Re: Help with existing gallery

Try clearing your browser's cache before reloading the gallery after making any changes.
If this does not help, please post the URL to your gallery and let me know how many images you expect to see and how many you actually see.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Help with existing gallery

Hi Steven, thanks for your reply.

The gallery can be found at

There should be 16 images, but it will only display 8 !

Let me know what else you need.

Thanks again


Re: Help with existing gallery

Hi Steven

Thanks for your responce again, it looks like its working now - i think it was clearing the cache that worked.  Thanks for your help