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I just recently purchased SimpleViewer Pro.  It's almost exactly what I was looking for.   I would like my gallery photos individually to be "pinned" on Pinterest, but it says when I bring up the individual photo on it's own page that it is not seen and requires the page to be html.  Is this possible?

I am not a coder, so any coding information would be appreciated.  Thank you.

Re: Pinterest and SimpleViewer

In SimpleViewer-Pro, each image is part of a single Flash presentation and is not simply displayed using a traditional HTML <img> tag (which is what Pinterest is likely to be looking for).
Even if you were to incorporate this script (which uses PHP to parse the gallery's XML file and include <img> tag entries for each image within the gallery's HTML page), you would not be able to select an individual image from within the Flash presentation.

You could try using the Mobile Player.
You can force SimpleViewer-Pro to display the gallery with the Mobile Player (using HTML rather than Adobe Flash Player) by setting the useFlash Embed Code Parameter to 'false' in your gallery's simpleviewer.load() line.

If you simply need a direct URL to an individual  image within a gallery, this can be achieved using the SimpleViewer-Pro API.
Please see the 'Direct Linking' example here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Pinterest and SimpleViewer

Thank you, we'll play with your advice