Topic: Center a movieclip on stage resize

Sorry my english. When I try to resize the mc(I set the html to 100%, exact fit) it changes the size of the movie wrong.  and this happens.
If possible, check out the page and click "novidades" ou " quem somos"
this only happens if I call the tiltviewer. Swf Other works without problem. Have any tips for him not to resize  the movie?

thank you


Re: Center a movieclip on stage resize

Take a look at the Flash Embed example within the TiltViewer-Pro download package.
Perhaps the following ActionScript code (from the 'tiltviewer_pro/flash_embed/flash_embed.fla' file will help).

//By default TiltViewer will autosize to fill the stage        
//If you want to give TiltViewer a specific postion and size uncomment the following block:
function resizeTiltViewer(e:Event){        
    //example tiltViewer size and position values
    var tvWidth = stage.stageWidth/2;
    var tvHeight = stage.stageHeight/2;
    var tvX = stage.stageWidth/4;
    var tvY = stage.stageHeight/4;        
    ldr.x = tvX;
    ldr.y = tvY;
    var tiltviewer = Object(ldr.content)._app;
    if ( tiltviewer != null){
        tiltviewer.autoSize = false;
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team