Topic: Svmanager and Juicebox Pro Lightroom

Hello there,

I have just purchased Juicebox Pro and use Lightroom / JBBuilder to create my gelleries, before uploading them and importing into SvManager.
I am going through and updating my galleries from Simpleviewer to JuiceBox.

However, I have noticed that the LR plugin creates folders "Pictures" and "Thumbnails" for the images.
SvManager doesnt appear to pick this up and recognise this is where it needs to look for the pictures.

The link to the gallery is created, but the thumnail isnt. The gallery works fine and is listed correctly within SvManager, however editing the gallery is somewhat trickier!

Is there a way to set Svbuilder to look in different folders for the Images & Thumbs (I only use Juice Box, so a global setting would work here,) or, is there a better solution?


Re: Svmanager and Juicebox Pro Lightroom

If you are happy to work with 'Pictures' and 'Thumbnails' throughout then you can change the default image and thumb paths for svManager in svmanager/plugins/juicebox/settings.php. You can change the first two settings to:


Imports should go ok as long as the images are in the 'Pictures' folder and the urls in the config.xml file are consistent e.g.

<image imageURL="Pictures/myimage.jpg" thumbURL="Thumbnails/myimage.jpg" linkURL="" linkTarget="">

Test it out on a small scale first.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Svmanager and Juicebox Pro Lightroom

Thanks for the reply Jack,

SvManager is now picking up the images and thumbs.