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Topic: SV Link/Download Button

Is it possible to move the sv link at the bottom of the gallery? It is pushing my footer below the fold, and there are atleast 200 vertical pixels between the bottom of the image(s) and the link.

Re: SV Link/Download Button

The SimpleViewer badge/link cannot be moved. It will always be at the bottom right-hand corner of the gallery. (This badge/link is not present in SimpleViewer-Pro.)
There may be ways to reduce the gap between the bottom of your main image and the SimpleViewer badge/link depending on your gallery's layout. You could perhaps reduce the number of thumbnail rows or columns in order to increase the image area, therefore allowing SimpleViewer to display your main images larger.
Perhaps your main images could be made larger than they currently are and your could then correspondingly increase the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight options, again allowing SimpleViewer to display your main images larger.
Also, changing the dimensions of the gallery itself may help to decrease the gap.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team