Topic: Mobile galleries in pro svmanager display "simpleviewer" credit

I purchased the pro bundle and created a couple of pro Simple Viewer galleries.. they do not display the "simple viewer" credit text on any browsers (great) but they do on iphones (no good).. Is there any way to take this off the mobile pro version?


Re: Mobile galleries in pro svmanager display "simpleviewer" credit

Have you upgraded svManager to create Pro galleries? The instructions are in the documentation under Using svManager with a Pro Viewer. See point number 5.

If this doesn't fix your problem or if you've done it already, then can you post a url so I can take a look for myself?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Mobile galleries in pro svmanager display "simpleviewer" credit

Hi Jack,
I did those steps before and just did them before creating this new test gallery:

The svmanager credit still does not show up on the web which is great, but it still shows up when I take a look at it on my iPhone.. any suggestions why this happens only on smartphones?

Re: Mobile galleries in pro svmanager display "simpleviewer" credit

Your gallery uses the SimpleViewer-Pro SWF file ('simpleviewer.swf') but uses the SimpleViewer-Standard (non-Pro) CSS and JS files ('simpleviewer.css' and 'simpleviewer.js').
It looks like you have replaced only the SWF file within the 'svcore' folder.
You need to replace the entire 'svcore' folder.

Replace the 'svcore' folder here:
... with the 'svcore' folder from the SimpleViewer-Pro download package ('simpleviewer_pro_230/web/svcore/').
If youy are in any doubt as to whether or not the existing Standard 'svcore' folder is being overwritten successfully, try deleting it from your web server first before uploading the Pro 'svcore' folder in its place.

Do likewise with the master 'svcore' folder in your svManager installation here: … er/svcore/
... so that all subsequent SimpleViewer galleries created by svManager are Pro.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team