Topic: Tiltviewer doesn't work with Firefox 14.0.1

The tiltviewer demos on your site works fine with IE, Chrome and Opera but not with Firefox 14.01. If I start the demos in Firefox , only the white frames for the pictures are visible, not the images itself. I already installed the latest Flashplayer and the newest Java Plugin. It doesn't help. Do you have an idea.....???
Thank you

Re: Tiltviewer doesn't work with Firefox 14.0.1

TiltViewer galleries display fine in Firefox 14.0.1 on my PC with Adobe Flash Player version 11.3.300.268.

Try completely uninstalling Adobe Flash Player from your computer and the reinstall it by visiting this web page in your browser and following the on-screen instructions.

(TiltViewer does not use or rely on Java. The method of embedding a TiltViewer gallery uses JavaScript but this is built-in to your browser and is not dependent on the Java Runtime Environment being installed. It requires only that JavaScript is enabled in your browser.)

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Tiltviewer doesn't work with Firefox 14.0.1

I've reinstalled the Flashplayer but it doesn't help. On the Firefox Add-on Blog … n-firefox/ is reported, that many users have similar problems with Firefox/Flashplayer. They are still searching for a solution...