Topic: TiltViewer-Pro in Chrome

TiltViewer Pro was working in Chrome about 3-4 weeks ago and now it loads the gallery but will not zoom and the arrows don't work.

I have the latest version of Chrome, TiltViewer Pro, and Flash. Also, cleared the cache.

Any ideas? I need to solved ASAP because TiltViewer Pro is used on my company site.


Re: TiltViewer-Pro in Chrome

Sorry. Forgot this one point.

TiltViewer Pro runs find on Chrome locally but when I view my website and pull across the net TiltViewer Pro only loads the images but fails to zoom and arrows don't work.  Only loads the gallary and that is it.

Is this some kind of security setting in Chrome I am not aware of?

Re: TiltViewer-Pro in Chrome

TiltViewer-Pro v1.3.1 galleries work OK in Chrome 21 with Adobe Flash Player 11,3,31,230 on my PC.
Please post the URL to your gallery so that I can take a look.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team