Topic: Problem with v2.03 to v2.30

Hello.  I am trying to upgrade this website. I installed v2.30 so that my client can see the simpleviewer without using Flash player. 

I use simpleviewer with Photoshop plugin. When the slideshow comes up with the browser from Photoshop, that version was V2.30.

However when I transfer the files onto server, and I checked with pressing control key, the same slideshow is still v2.03.
This is the page.

When I made this site about 3 years ago, I used iweb which was extremely stupid. Since we edit the codes after initial publishing and some SEO work involved on this site, I cannot go back to iweb to fix things. I am not good enough to read/edit this but I do believe I have to embed a new code for v2.20, but iweb's messy codes really confuse me more....

I will reconstruct the whole site in the near future but right now I will love to fix quickly and people can access the images from ipad.

Please someone help me.  Thank you so much!

Re: Problem with v2.03 to v2.30

Your SimpleViewer v2.0.3 gallery's HTML index page is named 'widget0_markup.html' and is located in the '' directory.

Try uploading the contents of your v2.3.0 gallery folder into the '' directory and rename the v2.3.0 'index.html' page to 'widget0_markup.html' (overwriting the existing one).

Please make a backup of the contents of this directory before trying the above so that you can revert to the original gallery if anything goes wrong (though it should work fine).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Problem with v2.03 to v2.30

Thank you, Steven!!!
It is running on v2.3.0 now and I can see it at least on iphone. I will check on ipad later but thank you so much!
You are my life saver!