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Topic: gallery not in body when width is set to 100%

I have a problem with my galleries: I want to set the width to 100%. This is what happens with the width set to 100%:

http://www.bartvandermark.nl/portfolio/natuur/  (width set to 100%)

The gallery goes to the right, out of the body of my site

To make it better I fixed the width to 970px, in that case it looks nice but the gallery is not flexible in width so I want 100% width. How can I fix this?

http://www.bartvandermark.nl/portfolio/bruiloften/   (width set to 970px)

These are the config options I use:


Re: gallery not in body when width is set to 100%

I think this is related to your fluid WordPress theme.
Setting the gallery's width to 100% should mean that the gallery fills the full width of its parent container.
However, the width of the parent container is set by your WordPress theme but SimpleViewer does not seem to be able to determine its width so the gallery stretches to the right-hand edge of the browser.
Check that your theme actually sets a width via CSS for all parent containers of the gallery.

You can check that the problem is related to your theme by temporarily reverting to the default WordPress theme to see if the gallery still looks off-center.

A suitable workaround (other than changing your theme or by setting your gallery's width to a fixed pixel value) would be to change your theme's layout from fluid to fixed.
It may not be the solution you are looking for but it may be the only way to have SimpleViewer galleries displayed correctly in your chosen fluid theme.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: gallery not in body when width is set to 100%

Thanks for your quick reply.

The slider on my homepage is also set to width 100% (see http://www.bartvandermark.nl/) and on that page it works just fine... I will contact the makers of my theme and see if they have a solution (atahualpa).

EDIT: I just fixed the width of my website to 1000px and the problem remains...

EDIT2: and I changed the fixed back to fluid. But fixed width really didn't make a difference.

Re: gallery not in body when width is set to 100%

Thank you for reporting back.
Unfortunately, it looks like the only way to currently use WP-SimpleViewer in conjunction with the Atahualpha theme is to set the gallery's width to a fixed pixel value. I do not know of any other workaround.
I have now reported the issue to the developers. Hopefully it can be fixed for a future release.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team