Topic: Menu Problem with IE-9

In Windows 7 and IE-9 my Parent link in the AutoViewer menu which should appear at the top left and Help which should appear at the bottom left appear instead in a small (150? px square box) vertically centered on the left side of the window. When Help is moused over all of the help text does not fit in the box and the parent link is covered by the text. This problem also shows up on a XP machine running IE-8.

When only menu.html is viewed in IE-9 these items are correctly positioned and work as intended.

Everything looks and works correctly in Firefox 15.

I have not been able to find anything about this problem in the forum and selective changes to index.html and index.css have not yielded any correction for the problem either.

Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Menu Problem with IE-9

This looks like a bug in the AutoViewer skin for jAlbum.
You could post a bug report in jAlbum's Other skins forum in order to notify the author of the skin.
Otherwise, if you would like to create an AutoViewer album using jAlbum, try using the SimpleViewer skin instead.
Once installed, go to the skin's 'Viewers' tab and select 'AutoViewer' as the 'Default Viewer'.
To use a homepage link, go to the skin's 'Menu -> Menu 3' tab and select the 'Display Homepage Link' checkbox. The homepage link entered in jAlbum's own 'Link to homepage' control panel (on jAlbum's own 'Pages' tab) will then be displayed at the top left corner of your album (just like in the AutoViewer skin).
Please note that the SimpleViewer skin does not feature rollover tooltip text help like the AutoViewer skin.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Menu Problem with IE-9

Thanks Steven.

I got around the problem by simply eliminating the menu and putting the menu's Help instructions on the page which has the links to the shows. This also eliminated the Parent link, but since the shows are setup to open in a new window that doesn't matter.

I'm now a happy camper. It's such a nice viewer for letter size material.