Topic: WPsimpleviewer

I'm using WordPress 3.4.2 and SimpleViewer 2.3.2.  I can't figure out how to control the number of pictures within the gallery.  It wants to show all the images in the media gallery. 

I would like to setup multiple posts or pages that point to a specific list of photos locally hosted. 

Please advise.  Thank you.

Re: WPsimpleviewer

If the chosen 'Image Source' for your WP-SimpleViewer gallery is 'Media Library' then, only the images attached to the post containing the gallery will be displayed. You can check which images are attached to the post in the Media Library itself.
It is possible to upload many images to your Media Library and attach some images to one post containing a certain gallery and attach other images to an other post containing a different gallery.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team