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Topic: Unable to resive tiltViewer embedded into swf


I've loaded tiltViewer  into an swf and am having trouble resizing it - both the height and width. The only thing I can do is change it's x and y position. The website I'm loading it into is full Flash, i.e., there's no html, css etc. involved.

Basically I want to contain it to a certain size when the images are zoomed out so that other links on my site are still accessible (at the moment the other links are covered by TiltViewer, which has the background set to transparent, and thus not accessible).

Any help greatly appreciated.

Re: Unable to resive tiltViewer embedded into swf

Take a look at the 'tiltviewer_pro/flash_embed/flash_embed.fla' file from the TiltViewer-Pro download package.
The Actionscript code in the first frame of the 'actions' layer has an example of custom resizing.

For reference, the 'Embedding TiltViewer in a Flash Movie' section of the TiltViewer-Pro support page can be found here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team