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Topic: Not more than 50 pics?

I, have on one page more than 50 pics but I see only 50 pics. I search here and the say there is no limit. The xml is: http://www.davidbrouwer.nl/gallery5a.ph … LASSIC-321  To see the result of this xml goto http://www.davidbrouwer.nl choose Yukon/Alaska 11 june (allow pop-up)

The xml is generated from a database. I see no strange things.

English xml: http://www.davidbrouwer.nl/gallery5a.ph … LASSIC-321

Re: Not more than 50 pics?

You have posted in the SimpleViewer v1 forum but your gallery uses SimpleViewer-Standard v2.3.0.

SimpleViewer v1.9 (the last version in the v1 branch) has no image limit per gallery (in both Standard and Pro versions).
However, SimpleViewer was re-written from scratch for v2 and introduced a 50-image limit in the Standard (free) version.
There is no such image limit in SimpleViewer-Pro v2. Please see this comparison chart for all differences between SimpleViewer-Standard v2 and SimpleViewer-Pro v2.

Therefore, either use SimpleViewer-Standard v1.9 or SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 or purchase and use SimpleViewer-Pro v2 for your gallery to not have a 50-image limit. The latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro (v2.3.1) can be purchased from this web page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Not more than 50 pics?

Thanks for your reaction. I will think about it to "pro" to purchase. It is just a matter of how often I have more than 50 photos per day.