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Topic: Image sorting not working

For some odd reason on one of my websites SV manager no longer lets me sort the images via drag and drop. It lets me do it on other websites in the same browser. What could be causing this?

Update: Reinstalled all of my SVmanager files. Didn't help.

Re: Image sorting not working

Are all these web sites on the same server or on different servers?

What are you seeing when you try to do a sort?

Are you seeing any javascript error messages from the browser?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Image sorting not working

Sorry for the delay, I did not get a notification there was a reply like I was supposed to.

They are on the same server. I get the circle with a slash symbol and no javascript errors.

However, I just went and checked it again and now it's working so I don't know what changed. Perhaps that particular server was having issues that night.