Topic: Position Preloader SV Pro 2

I made a fixed layout for my gallery, now is the preloader shown far besides the thumbs. Its very ugly, because it shows at the border, exact between two colors. There is no possibility to change the backgroundcolor, because it is white and a colored background. Is there still not a possibility to change the position of the preloader? :|

Re: Position Preloader SV Pro 2

It is not possible to change the position of the preloader, though the color of the preloader can be changed by setting the preloaderColor configuration option as a flashvar in your gallery's embedding code (not as an attribute in your gallery's XML file).
The preloader should be positioned in the center of the gallery, allowing you to change its color to match that of the background (so that it blends in with the background color and becomes invisible). However, if your gallery uses an image for the background, this may not be a feasible option.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Position Preloader SV Pro 2

Thanks.  :)  I changed the percentage in the index file and now its at the place where I want it.  Color is OK.