Topic: SV1 - How to make many old version to newer ?

I have been using Simple Viewer way back (it was one of the coolest flash stuff back then for me!) :-) So i have a flash edition, where no mobile can access it... And was using it with the auto creation with the buildgallery PHP file (so easy that way!)

But today I am thinking : How can I take all my previous SimpleViewer existing galleries and make then viewable to all the mobile users out there ? What is the fast and easy trick ?

Re: SV1 - How to make many old version to newer ?

You can upgrade an existing SimpleViewer v1.9 gallery to the current version (v2.3.1) by using svBuilder and following the 'Upgrading Existing Galleries' instructions on the Upgrading SimpleViewer support page.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team