Topic: Want to load PNG, GIF or Animated GIF? Here is the solution

I search the forum, to not repeat this link, but i don't find anything...

I found this long time ago, but never think i can use it for a great script lika Simpleviewer, Autoviewer or PostcardViewer

Load PNG, GIF or progressive JPEG into SWF?

Did you have the problem before that you wanted to load some file formats into your Flash site but loadMovie does not accept them? Something like PNGs, GIFs or progressive JPEGs? Do you want to load images or SWFs from a different domain but the security sandbox is in your way? For these purposes I have written swfImageProxy, a PHP script that automatically converts file formats that are usually indigestible for Flash into something that it can display. On top of that it acts a proxy and is able to download images from other domains.

Is kind of old (two years now is a very very long time ago), but should work.

you have to use it like this...

THE FOLLOWING LINES ARE ONLY A SUGGESTION, MAY OR MAY NOT REALLY WORK (is just a wild idea, i don't test it yet)
So, for example in your XML file for simpleviewer is a good idea to have...


And in the image


(in the original page)

# For basic functionality you will at least need PHP with GD support.

# If you want the conversion of progressive JPEGs to baseline optimized JPEGs to be lossless the script needs access to the jpegtran utility.

# If you want to be able to read GIFs the minimum required version of GD is 2.0.28 which currently happens to be the latest version

# If you want to preserve the transparency of PNGs and GIFs they have to be packaged as SWFs. For this purpose the png2swf utility from the excellent swftools package by Rainer Böhme and Matthias Kramm has to be installed

# To convert animated GIFs you need access to ImageMagick

I'm working to implement almost all the viewers with a page i have, I hope soon can show all if works for me.

(and also working in a way to load my images, beacuse they can change of name, and i use for the thumb a prefix after the extension, so my images look like this...
Original: image.jpg
thumb: imagen_thumb.jpg
But i'm working on it)

Re: Want to load PNG, GIF or Animated GIF? Here is the solution

I just read that flash 8 supports gif, png and progressive jpg images. Has anyone had any experiences with this and simpleviewer so far?