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Topic: Svmanager - pro options doesn`t work


I just bought Juicebox pro Gallery .

Updated the Svmanager all package ( by download link, i have whole pro bundle ) .

Then upload the contents of the folder /juicebox_pro_1.2.0/web/   to   /svmanager/jbsamplegallery/ 

Gallery works in SVmanager, and i see all pro options, also can change them,
but after saving pro options doesn`t work at all.. and the gallery looks like not a pro version.

The same situation with other galleries. Pro options doesnt work.

Please help to solve the problem.

Re: Svmanager - pro options doesn`t work

Sorry, i found that!

Upgrading to a Pro Viewer
Upgrade svManager to the latest version to ensure that you have support for the latest Pro viewer.
Purchase your Pro viewer from SimpleViewer.net or Juicebox.net
Download and unzip the Pro files to your computer
To ensure that new galleries are created with the Pro version, upload the relevant files from the Pro download to the appropriate folder on your web server.
For AutoViewer, PostCardViewer and TiltViewer you just need to replace the swf file in the folder listed below:
To upgrade the SimpleViewer master you need to replace the whole svcore folder and its contents:
To upgrade the Juicebox master you need to replace the whole jbcore folder and its contents:
To upgrade your existing galleries, follow the instructions on the support page for your viewer.

Note that the locations of the master files are not the same in some earlier versions of svManager. Upgrade to the latest version of svManager before you upgrade the Pro Viewer.

Everything fine now!

Re: Svmanager - pro options doesn`t work

ok – glad it's working ok for you.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.