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My Nephew was running a website business and passed away, (suicide, horrible). The problem is one of his clients wants to add pictures to his site but we can't find my Nephew's passwords. Is there anyway we can reset the password?


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Jack Hardie
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What if we do not have the orginal user.php file to set username/password back to admin/admin?

I see the current user.php and the username is readable but the password is hashed.  Not for sure what hashing algorithum was used, but unable to decrypt it.  For academic purposes it would be interesting to decrypt it.

To keep it simple and fast I need the orginal user.php file to reset password.  Can I get that from you, please?

Re: Password Lost

To get the latest version of svManager, you can re-use the download link sent in your original purchase email (sent from Please note, the download link will expire after 5 download attempts.

To request a new download link, please fill out this form: If you do not have access to your purchase details, please fill out the form with the information you have and we will do our best to locate your purchase record.

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