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Topic: Problems with IE showing viewer

I know this has been covered many times, but i've been messing around with the html for so long now and getting nowhere trying to get the viewer working in IE, now with all my adjustments i've made it seems it's not working on some peoples FF either. Site is http://www.realvisual.co.uk/galleryfinal.html

I am not sure if it is a directory problem, I have also tried uploading with both fetch and filezilla (I am a mac user)

I am new to the world of html, and would be very grateful if anyone could tell me what is wrong, I am sure it is very simple.

Thanks in advance.

Re: Problems with IE showing viewer

I have viewed your gallery in IE9 and Firefox 18.0.1 on my PC and your web page and gallery appear OK in both.
However, there are validation errors on your page which should be fixed.
You can your page's code with the W3C Markup Validation Service and fix the errors reported. Once your page's code validates correctly, it should be rendered with greater predictability and consistency across different browsers.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team