Topic: ImageNextButton - Remove Hover Interaction

I admire how Simpleviewer 1.9 is constructed - much different than the way I learned Flash twelve years ago.   :)

I have the two next/back buttons positioned outside of the actual image, which is what I wanted. But now I want to disable the rollover effect that hides or shows them.

I want the next/back button's to remain visible all the time. 

I'm looking at the file, but I'm not sure how I can safely modify this to disable this effect. Any suggestions?

I realize that on the FIRST image, only the NEXT button appears.  I can live with that, but if it means having both next and back buttons appear all the time, I can live with that, as well.

Any help? 

I'd like these two buttons to appear all the time, as in this gallery:

And while we're at it, the hit space for these two buttons expands quite a way to the main image itself.  The hit space does NOT even cover the button icon itself - how does the hit space work?  The ImageNextButton is a square, 70 x 88.85 px, but how do I adjust the hit space area to correspond to the button itself?

Thanks so much!

Re: ImageNextButton - Remove Hover Interaction

SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 has a Pro configuration option named hideImageButtonsOnRollOut which you can set to 'false' in the '' file. You can then publish a new SWF file by following the instructions here.
For reference, the SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 ActionScript Options can be found here.

You might be able to adjust the hit areas for the navigation buttons by modifying lines 170-175 of the '' file.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: ImageNextButton - Remove Hover Interaction

Thank you, Steven.

I'm working on the hit space changes now, but I don't see any options to enable the hand cursor when hovering.  Is this possible?

Thanks again.

Re: ImageNextButton - Remove Hover Interaction

Try changing line 42 of the '' file from:

mClip_mc.useHandCursor = false;

... to:

mClip_mc.useHandCursor = true;
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team