Topic: How can I recurse to sub-folders and build a "tree" of galleries?


I have a master gallery and 6 or so child galleries in lower folders. Is there I way I can build the parent gallery so it will have links to the galleries in child folders?



Re: How can I recurse to sub-folders and build a "tree" of galleries?

If you want to link to other galleries from within a gallery you can place links in image captions (using HTML formatting as documented here) or you can have each main image act like a big button and redirect the user's browser to a unique link when clicked. This can be achieved by setting imageClickMode="OPEN_URL" in your gallery's XML file. When the user clicks a main image, the corresponding linkURL will be opened in the linkTarget window.

You may also want to take a look at the SimpleViewer Skin for jAlbum.
jAlbum is a desktop application which allows you to create multiple galleries in a single action.
When using the SimpleViewer Skin, you can drag and drop a complete folder structure into jAlbum's main window and click 'Make Album'.
The resulting album will have a separate SimpleViewer gallery for each and every folder/subfolder in your input structure and all the galleries will be linked together via a JavaScript navigation tree.
Here is a sample album created by jAlbum and the SimpleViewer Skin.

A further solution if you would like multiple galleries to be listed on a Gallery Index page, each represented by a thumbnail image, would be to use Showkase.
Showkase is a PHP web application which would allow you to create a complete portfolio website and it has full support for Juicebox-Pro and SimpleViewer-Pro galleries.
There are many demo Showkase demo sites which you can take a look at here.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: How can I recurse to sub-folders and build a "tree" of galleries?

Thanks! The image captions idea is cool, as are the other products. I also came up with an idea to configure the gallery to cover 95% of the screen, then edit the index.html file and embed an HTML table of links below the gallery code to appear below the gallery. Still tweaking that to make it look good. I think the image captions will work best for me though.