Topic: Display original files (big)


I want to make a photo gallery in order to give the opportunity the download my original pictures (big size).
I wanted to disaply firstly picture on a light way (something like 1024*768) on the normal navigation and then go to the original file when people click on the arrow icon.
If a upload directly original file in simpleviewer, the navigation is very slow because on these files are use in normal navigation mode.

Is there a way to do what I want to do?

Than you for you help!

Re: Display original files (big)

  • Create a folder with your original (large) images.

  • Place the folder inside your gallery folder.

  • Make sure you have set showOpenButton="TRUE" in your 'gallery.xml' file.

  • Link to the original images using the linkURL attributes in the <image> entries in your 'gallery.xml' file.

The gallery will display the scaled down images from the 'images' folder but when the user clicks on the 'Open Image' button (on the Button Bar), the corresponding original (large) image will be opened in a new window from where it can be downloaded via the browser's right-click 'Save Image As...' option.

A sample <image> entry might look something like this:

<image imageURL="images/image1.jpg" thumbURL="thumbs/image1.jpg" linkURL="originals/original1.jpg" linkTarget="_blank">
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team