Topic: Resorting Galleries

I would like to custom resort my galleries not by the name or the existing numbers, so I decided to change the numbers of the galleries to reflect the order that I would like. For example, my gallery "family portraiture" used to be gallery 30 (/svgallery/g30) I changed it to /svgallery/g3/ (I would like it to be third to show up in the gallery) and it is showing up in the cpanel this way and also in the advanced option of the gallery, but when I go to my main page in the sv manager it is still showing up as number 30 on the left side of the list so of course it is not resorting to be the 3rd gallery. Am I understanding wrong what changing the number will do? Thanks in advance, Kathleen

Re: Resorting Galleries

The gallery number is set when the gallery is created and doesn't change so svManager can keep track of it. So I'm afraid that your idea won't work. You can only sort the galleries on number, name or type.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Resorting Galleries

ok, thanks for letting me know. Kathleen