Topic: Does WHUK support svmanager ?

Hello there,

I've just registered here to check if WHUK ltd. supports 'svmanager'. I've been through their knowledge-base and the forums, but fail to understand if their servers are compatible with it.

Well if incase you need it, I'm looking forward to trying them out in the first phase by choosing one of their shared server platforms. If things turn out well, I'd migrate everything over to them. I've been through your server test document already which says that I'd need to upload the file over their server, but here I'm afraid that since it's going to be a shared server, the company wouldn't agree to. Is there any other way to check? OR Could somebody please help me with taking a decision whether I can rely on this company to serve my requirements? Your response about the company is going to be crucial for me to take decision,

Awaiting a reply.


Re: Does WHUK support svmanager ?

The best way to test for svManager compatibility is to install the server test on the server that will host SvManager. If that is not possible then server requirements are given in the support pages.

Or just buy svManager and claim your money back within 14 days if it doesn't work on your server.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.