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I'm trying the free version of SimpleViewer and I encounter a problem.
I have an apache proxy server in www... which redirects all queries to a second server which has A.B.C.D as IP address. The server with A.B.C.D IP address is not directly accessible but contains websites and simpleviewer gallery.
When I try to access to my gallery with the url : the url changes in http://A.B.C.D/my_gallery (which is not open). I never see the problem with the other websites which are behind the www. Just the problem with simpleviewer ! Is there in the code a rewriting url instruction ? Is there a variable to put somewhere to prevent that ???

Thanks for your help.
Sorry for my english, I'm french ;)

Re: Problem behind a proxy

Is there in the code a rewriting url instruction ?

No. As long as you use only relative paths within your gallery's code (for the path to the 'simpleviewer.js' file in your gallery's embedding code and for the imageURL and thumbURL entries in your gallery's XML file) and not absolute paths, the gallery should display fine.
Also, make sure that all your gallery files are located on the same domain or subdomain (and not spread across different domains or subdomains).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Problem behind a proxy

After checking I find a solution : to use /index.html at the end in the browser url ! Without it, there is a modification of the url.

I will do more test with the frontal configuration later...

Thanks for your help.